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About the Founder

Nick Twyman

Nick is a powerful leader, with outstanding abilities to motivate and manage change, delivering results through relationship. Nick held Managing Director positions for UK European and Global businesses at Tektronix and SONY Corporation. A talented business coach he has well-developed business acumen and excellent communication skills. A natural team player, Nick has a proven track record of achievement of growth and profitability in business with an excellent record in people management and development. His extensive experience in both strategy development and operational change management means he has a wide-ranging understanding of a breadth of industry sectors and business and organisational challenges and is thus well placed to help leaders and managers achieve their full potential.

Passion - Passionate about performance

All through my life I have noticed the impact that my perception of my self, others and the circumstances around me has on my relationships and to the task at hand. How I think and feel on the inside colours what I say and do on the outside, when I change the way I think my results are different - often better. The quality of our lives is defined by the quality of the questions we ask of ourselves - and from personal experience I know that with a great coach we can accelerate changes for the better in our internal dialogue, the thinking and feeling that we do. Then we start doing and saying in a way that gets us the results we want more easily and with less effort. This has been my personal experience, life changing and so positive so that I want to bring this to all those who want more from their lives, who want better performances and so enjoy better results

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