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About The Mindset Company Limited

What is a Mindset - Oxford English Dictionary definition is:

"Mindset (noun) a habitual way of thinking"

The Mindset Company Limited was formed in 1995 by Nick Twyman.

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Our purpose is to help more people live fulfilled, fantastic and fun packed lives by guiding them to the highest personal and professional achievement.

We believe that how you think and how you feel has a great influence over what you do and how you do it.  How you think and feel is shaped by how you have made meaning of your experiences.  All of this has a massive impact on how you perform.  How you perform determines your results - these results will shape your life experience.  This is the cycle of success that The Mindset Company will build with you.

Changing how you think is the most important step if you aspire to better results for yourself or your business.  We are leaders in being able to help you with this crucial transition; we are passionate about performance and posses an enviable track record of delivering great results for both business leaders and winning sports professionals.

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