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Julie Hall

I got the results I wanted and so did my organisation

Real Estates Manager

Julie Hall


Seeing my clients recognise their unique talents, make the most of their resources and have the kind of life that they deserve

Professional Experience and Qualifications

As seasoned Senior HR Director with 15 years plus corporate experience gained in the technology with Wang and Getronics, and over 9 years of coaching at Senior levels in blue chip organisations such as Barclays Merck, SCB, Man Investments, Boehringer Ingleheim, CSFB, Coca-Cola

Jules experienced coaching first hand whilst working in the corporate world and found it to be the most powerful form of personal development she had encountered in her twenty year career. So life changing that she wanted to be able to share such transformation with others both in and out of the world of business. Leadership is integral to business success but it also figures in other aspects of life. It all begins with leading self which creates the opportunity for personal growth, relationships to flourish; work to be balanced as part of a fulfilling life, financial goals to be achieved and time and space to be created for the realisation of recreational plans. Jules creates the space her clients need to lead themselves, attain their goals and those tangible results they want in all contexts of their life.

Jules has consistently produced exceptional results for individuals both in and out of the corporate context for over nine years. Areas of specialisation include:-.

  • Career
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Conflict
  • Leading Self
  • Relationship
  • Performance
  • Personal and Work Life Balance

Professional qualifications

  • Coaching Supervision Diploma
  • High Performance Master Coach
  • Master Business Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming)Personality Profiling, Gallup
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
  • Training Course Design, ITECO
  • Occupational Testing, Saville & Holdsworth Limited
  • Work Counselling Skills, CEPEC

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