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Leadership Development - Mindset2lead™

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Why Mindset2lead™?

Leadership, especially in business is about how to mobilise others to achieve extraordinary things.  It's about what leaders say and do to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, conflicts into cohesion, and risks into rewards.  It's about creating a culture and climate in which people turn challenging opportunities or even adversity into outstanding results and successes.  Leading yourself, your team and then the wider organisation is the key.  Leaders and managers need to be on top of their game to be successful.

What is it?

A leadership development programme tailored specifically to your top team delivered by a credible internationally experienced business advisor and professionally trained facilitator.  The programme is delivered over an agreed period of time to an agreed set of results

Who would benefit?

Business leaders, CEOs, Managing Directors and their boards.  Mindset2lead™ is right for any leadership team of a business, or significant portion of a business, or a division with a business leadership or organisational challenge.

What will you learn?

  • To contrast leadership and management roles and responsibilities and translate these meaningfully into your environment 
  • A deeper understanding of how you and others think and make meaning of experience 
  • More about yourself and how others perceive you 
  • More about others and what drives them, and strategies for building effective working relationships 
  • How to build a shared vision and the importance of aligning values, beliefs and behaviours as leaders 
  • To identify and be able to articulate specifically the skills and behaviours needed to realise the goals 
  • How to create a leadership agenda and inspire and engage your people
  • Develop a model that you can use to explore and evaluate key dimensions of your business and your organisation.   
  • How to free up resources to deliver business transformation


  • Clarity of purpose 
  • A clear and shared vision for the business
  • An honest assessment of where you are now, how you and your team is performing
  • Clearly identified target outcomes, key objectives and specific actions going forward.
  • A clear plan for you and your team to execute, containing a shared and bought into strategy with the right focus on actions.
  • A deeper sense of personal and business leadership goals
  • Aligned values, skills and resources
  • Clarity about the team around your strengths and weaknesses
  • The foundation for creating an organisation and culture that is ready to follow and free to act
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