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Board effectiveness & Business performance - Mindset4business™

Why Mindset4business™?

How much more successful do you want your business to be?

In business today more than ever, markets are increasingly competitive, and the pace of change is accelerating. As a Board member and business leader you know you need to be consistently on top of your game to be successful.

Our clients find that having access to fresh new thinking helps them to move to new and higher levels of business performance more quickly. Value is derived from introducing an outside, objective and independent view. Adding someone with experience who is free to challenge the board and support them in the development of effective strategies and plans for their implementation

Who would benefit?

  • Does your business management team want to move to the next level of business performance and development?
  • Does your business face the prospect of needing to change but lack the breadth of experience to manage it?
  • Are you struggling to deliver the results you want or those expected of you by your stakeholders?
  • Is your board not working as effectively together as it might?
  • Do you want to clarify the nature and implications of the next phase of business growth?

What is the proposition?

  • Access to an internationally experienced business leader who you retain to support you and your board 
  • Regular attendance at board meetings with interim and personal support to individual executives as required


  • Independent perspective able to challenge and support
  • Provide access to coaching for board effectiveness
  • Access to a breadth of experience
  • Better leadership better decisions and swifter implementations which all equates to better business results
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