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It is easy for us to tell you how good we are. However, we think it is far more important that you hear what some of our clients have to say.

"For any manager who has a complex team structures reporting to them, with people of mixed abilities and skill sets this programme is a must"

CEO Media company

"Despite my initial skepticism I derived a lot of benefit from the coaching sessions and based on this very positive personal experience, I have recommended participation to a number of colleagues!"

Head of Global Department Pharmaceutical Company

"Thanks for the brilliant session last week"

Director American Express

"Nick does for top business people as sports coaches do for athletes - keeps them at the top of their game!"

VP American Express

"I consider that you are a heavyweight business man with unusually strong perceptual and analytical abilities; you are performance driven and have a strong commitment to humanity. Accordingly you marry up personal drive and business skill to be a highly commercial and effective business coach with the ability to maximise that person's (and therefore that relevant business's) present real scope. You are intelligent and kind. Your personal business history is impeccable. That is why I use you"

Senior Partner Legal Practice

"Straight away I clicked with Nick.  I have started to think in a different way. Nick helped me to see how I can observe and listen more. I have enjoyed it, time flies, and he's made it logical and visual for me which I like.  I also thought that I would be sold more of this and I have had none of that from Nick which is refreshing and open in that he said if I didn't like it and want to carry on then we would stop, no hard sell. Overall: I have really enjoyed it, found it enlightening and interesting.  I am getting the results that I wanted, some extra clarity and I am using it in everyday life which is good.  He's been fantastic, exceeding my expectations by miles.  Good to talk to Nick he's easy to open up to and I trust him.  I have been recommending this to others who may be equally as sceptical as I was."

Senior Director - Vodafone

"Nick - Just wanted to record my thanks for your support - my transition following my promotion would not have gone as smoothly without you!"

Divisional COO Barclays Bank

"Thank you for all your valuable help and support during the last few months which I have found very rewarding. I would totally recommend you to anyone I meet so thanks again for your commitment."

Director - Design company

"I experienced Nick as someone who combines sound and pragmatic business judgement with emotional intelligence and integrity. I enjoyed working with Nick - he goes the extra mile."

Managing Partner

"Nick is a high energy leader with good leadership skills. His ability to build and lead high performance teams is extraordinary and impressive."

Senior Partner Consultancy

I have worked with a lot of coaches but Nick produced the greatest and sustainable results, WHY ? in a nutshell he is 'passionate about you' and 'what you want'. His brilliant strategies create the foundation for self realisation, self belief and personal growth. Nick coached me back to taking charge of my life again -'Priceless'

CEO IST Technologies

"This has been without doubt one of the best investments I've ever made. Through coaching I understand why I have chosen to work and lead in a particular way - and how this has both helped and constrained the success I've enjoyed in my career to date. By continually challenging me and being focused on achieving the results that we set out, as well as showing great empathy and support throughout my coaching, Nick helped me find the resources and focus necessary to not only achieve the goals within my original development plan, but to create aspirational goals that stretch across all aspects of my personal and professional life. My coaching has given me renewed energy and clarity as well as complete confidence that I have the resources and motivation to succeed. If you have the same opportunity, take it - you will make an incredible difference to your life as a result."
VP American Express

"The approach is extremely refreshing. It is tailored to the individuals needs and offers senior executives a framework for personal development. The sessions push you to look at your management style and approach, scrutinizing where it could improve. What the programme delivers is the intellectual challenge and framework to push you to new ways of thinking and does not allow you to shy away from uncomfortable areas that need to be addressed"

COO Media company

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